Kids Bunk Beds: Fun and Functional Furniture

When you were young, did you grow up with siblings? If so, you probably shared a bunk bed. Do you remember all the fun that you used to have with your bunk bed, and perhaps a bit of imagination? Great kids bunk beds provide an easy way for siblings to bond and form a lasting friendship. These beds let children fully utilize their imaginations to create a fun and exciting play area for their carefree leisure time.

A bunk bed also frees up plenty of space in a room, to fully accommodate the vast berth of activities you children will want to participate in while playing in their room. This is valubale space that, of course, would otherwise be cluttered by the addition of a second bed.

But then, who says bunk beds are only suitable for children? Not all beds we carry are twin over twin; many are full over full as well, to accomodate kids of all ages (or just people without a lot of room to spare - try bunk beds in a guest room or rental property!). Even if you don't have kids of your own, today's modern bunk beds can still offer fantastic benefits for you. The fun that kids have with a bunk bed is only a side note to the space saving functionality of our top quality storage bunk beds. These bed frames aren't just fun: they are also space effective, organized, and economical.

Our best customers are those families that are simply looking for an easy and truly effective way to save space and let their kids have some extra enjoyment in what is typically seen as an ordinary, mundane piece of bedroom furniture. Kids beds, after all, should never be boring. However, our bunk beds are also very popular with many other customers, across a broad and diverse demographic spectrum.

College students and dorm dwellers frequently use our bunk beds and loft beds to create space for entertaining in their dorm rooms and other small living accommodations, where free space can truly come at a premium. Loft beds help to create a small, enclosed nook in any room where one could install a desk or a computer station, among other possibilities. The obvious conclusion is that kids' bunk beds, in shared bedrooms, cut the space consumed by bedding in half. And in sinlge-occupant rooms, a loft bed has essentially the same effect, freeing up such floorspace that you wouldn't even know the bed was there if you didn't look up. Storage drawers are commonly found on bunk beds and loft beds too, and they provide the desirable benefit of ample under-the-bed storage that allows students to efficaciously utilize their space. Many people use bunk beds in their guest rooms for more versatility and better guest accommodations. It's always nice to have more options, after all.

Our customers choose Platform Beds Online because our bunk beds and loft beds are durable, long lasting, sustainable, and include features that help you to organize your space efficiently and economically. They also appreciate our dedication to customer service and enjoy perks such as free shipping and tax-free purchases for most customers. Shipping times on our bunk beds and loft beds are faster than the competition and we even offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. From wooden bunk beds to metal bunk bed frames, we're confident you'll find the perfect bed for your little one.