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LAX Series Platform Bed LAX Series Platform Bed
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Transform your bedroom into a place of urban solace with the LAX Series Platform Bed by MASH Studios. From the studio of one of L.A.'s top modern design firms, this platform bed features a frame of solid English walnut, an eco-friendly engineered hardwood treated with natural linseed oil. Available in queen and king sizes, this platform bed coordinates with a wall-mounted storage headboard made of walnut and 100% recyclable aluminum doors in a white powder-coat. The wall-mounted feature is a...

Storage Platform Beds

A storage bed’s special design includes storage units or compartments inside of it. While most other bed frame types usually have empty space underneath them, storage beds have drawers, other storage containers, or dedicated space underneath where the mattress usually goes. These types of beds are usually built from wood and may be upholstered or finished with faux-leather. You will often these beds in modern homes, where they act as an innovative solution towards space efficiency. Storage beds come in a variety of subtypes, including sliding storage and lift storage beds. Each type of storage bed can fit your needs or preferences.

Why Storage Beds?

Are you having issues walking around your bedroom because your bed is taking up too much space? Do you have difficulty keeping clutter from accumulating? Are you annoyed at having to pull your boxes and storage from underneath the bed? A storage bed may be the solution to your problems. The main draw of a storage bed is the efficiency it allows when it comes to space saving. You no longer need to worry about running out of drawer or closet room, leaving your items laying on the floor, or having to pull them from underneath your bed. Storage beds are built to suit all mattress sizes, from Twin beds to Queen and King.

At the same time, storage beds are also aesthetically pleasing, utilizing a modern, sleek look that resembles those found in platform beds. Because the storage units usually occupy the space under your bed, you won’t be tempted to store items underneath the bed. In fact, you won’t have to worry about your objects and belongings finding their way to that area, which will make your bed look cleaner. Due to the way storage beds are build, they are very sturdy and resistant to wear, ensuring longevity.

Storage beds are the perfect solution in space efficiency and storage safety compared to other bed types on the market.

Types of Storage Beds

The storage bed market has a diverse number of storage beds, all with different functions that you might prefer over others. When choosing your own storage bed, remember to look for factors such as how much space you’ll need, the partitions of the storage space, how it will fit your bedroom, and how the base of the bed rests on your floor.

Look at some of the different types of storage beds that you might find on the market:

  • Drawer storage bed. Probably the most common type of storage bed. This bed includes roll-out drawers inside of the base where you can immediately and easily store small to medium items of your choice. Sometimes, these beds double as trundle beds: instead of drawers, another mattress can slide out from beneath the bed frame.
  • Sliding storage bed. This type of bed operates in a similar manner to the drawer beds. However, rather than having multiple drawers, sliding storage beds usually have one or two large storage drawers that you can slide in and out.
  • Lift storage bed. A lift-style storage bed, also known as hydraulic bed, allows you to lift the entire top of the bed to reveal a large storage space at the bottom, like the hood of a car. Recommended for items you don’t need often, since lifting and lowering the bed too much might become inconvenient.

Ready to choose a storage bed? Contact us, so we can help you choose the right type of storage bed for your needs. We hope you find the perfect storage bed frame for your needs here at Platform Beds Online!