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Kobe Canopy Platform Bed Our brand new Kobe Canopy Platform Bed offers all the grandeur and sophistication the Kobe Platform Bed offers  but with an explosion of a spectacular headboard and canopy design!
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Price: $2,499.00
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The Kobe Bedroom Collection pays tribute to its traditional lineage while maintaining a distinct, modern look. The collection features clean lines and intersecting planes, revealing its subtle Asian influences. Each piece is constructed with solid Mahogany and finished with a warm Java color that enhances the natural beauty of the hardwood. Combine that with its rustic bronze corner caps and drawer handles, and this collection will give your bedroom a contemporary, tropical look. The Kobe...

LAX Series Canopy Platform Bed PCH Series Canopy Platform Bed
Retail: $4,904.75
Price: $4,265.00
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The PCH Series Canopy Platform Bed by MASH Studios offers a secluded place of rest with a minimalist, modern approach. This bed joints together ultra-clean lines with a solid teak construction that brings a presence of its own. Its stunning stature and minimalist looks will fit right into any bedroom. Features Made by MASH Studios Constructed From Solid Teak No Visible Hardware Natural Oil Finish Assembly Required ...

Canopy Beds: Four Poster Frames with Curtains

If you are looking for platform beds that have roots in a more classic style compared to other modern beds, look no further than canopy beds. This type of bed was once very common throughout home design from the pre-16th century era. The raised bed frame and the arrangement of the curtains gave the user additional privacy and comfort. As they gained popularity, canopy beds became associated with people of higher status, gaining intricate designs and decorations.

What Are Canopy Beds?

Specifically speaking, canopy beds are beds that include high corner pieces that create a tall frame. The raised frame is perfect for draping curtains, creating an isolated cover for the bed’s user. Since their origination, canopy beds have evolved and split into two categories:

  • Traditional. These canopy beds are the ones associated with high status, wealth, and even royalty. Both the frames and the curtains have intricate and colorful designs. The frames are usually composed of either metal or wood.
  • Contemporary. These canopy beds take inspiration that is closer to modern bed styles. They feature simpler designs in both frames and curtains, favoring geometric designs and simpler colors, respectively. The frames for contemporary canopy beds use wood, metal, or a combination of both.

Why Canopy Beds?

Canopy beds can give you a sense of luxury and wealth that is nowhere as prominent now. Between the raised frames, the curtains, and the isolation they can provide, they have an exotic appeal that can infuse your bedroom with personality. If you are not comfortable with luxury associated with this type of bed, contemporary canopy beds are your best option, since they combine the simplicity and timelessness of a modern bed with the features of a canopy.

Canopy beds also can give you a refuge even inside your home. The special isolation and privacy add a layer of comfort that you couldn’t enjoy in an ordinary bed. Plus, you can use the curtain to block the sun without having to bury yourself in sheets. Canopy beds can even give you a private sanctuary in your own backyard. You can use a canopy bed to lay down, read a book, or sleep, combining the comfort of the bedroom and the atmosphere of the outdoors.

Consider the Height

If you choose to get a canopy bed, consider how tall you want the frame to be. If you are installing the bed in a bedroom with high ceiling or outdoors, then you will have no problem. Installing the frame in a room with lower ceilings will make the frame appear cramped. Meanwhile, choosing a frame that is too short for your room will make the bed seem small and awkward. Carefully choose the best frame for your area and request assistance if you need any.

When you are ready to consider using a canopy bed, contact us and our staff will be ready to assist you. Though we choose our canopy beds to fit most rooms and occasions, we can also help you make the right choice for your bedroom or outdoor space.