Platform Beds with Faux Leather Headboards

Despite the sleekness and functionality of the contemporary bed, there’s no harm in adding some flair. Leather beds bring the same function and benefits of any other type of bed. Even though the name indicates otherwise, leather beds are not made entirely of leather. The bed frame still consists of wood or other hard materials, but the headframe has a leather texture to it. The leather section adds the luxury and comfort associated with the material, but without compromising the functions expected in modern beds. Leather platform beds are available in both real leather and faux-leather headframes.

Why Leather Platform Beds?

Do you wish to keep the function of a modern bed while adding a small touch of luxury and comfort? A leather bed is the answer you have been waiting for. The use of leather in the frame allows you to enjoy the soft touch and feel you associate with the luxurious material. Not everyone is able to enjoy the utilitarian and minimalistic approach of a full-blown modern bed, as it can lack a sense of warmth and comfort. The leather headframe adds a palpable, classic element to the bed without much alteration to the overall modern design and function.

The leather platform bed also allows you to enjoy some of the functional benefits of a regular platform bed. For instance, if you are having issues putting your clutter away or you don’t have any idea where you’ll place your extra items, a leather bed also contains dedicated space or drawers inside the frame for your belongings, just as you would see in a storage bed. Manufacturers also create these beds with a low profile, so you can dismiss box springs and enjoy some safe, low-rise sleep and relaxation. Finally, manufacturers make many of these leather beds from wood, which provides each unit with strength, durability, and a timeless appeal.

Leather vs. Leatherette (Faux Leather)

Leather platform beds are commonly available as wooden frames with an upholstered headboard made of either genuine leather or faux-leather. Faux-leather, also known as leatherette, is a material made from recycled vinyl that imitates real leather, to the point that it’s almost indistinguishable. Leatherette has many advantages over genuine leather. Some of the pros of leatherette include:

  • A suitable replacement for leather when the material is high quality, as few people are aware of the difference
  • Lasts longer than most other materials, including bed frames that include actual leather
  • Animal-friendly, since it’s made from synthetic materials instead of from the skin of actual animals
  • More environmentally friendly, since recycled vinyl often composes most leatherette headframes
  • More affordable, since genuine leather costs more due to being made with actual animal skin
  • Due to the durability of vinyl, and compared to the treatment necessary for leather, leatherette headframes are maintenance-free

At Platform Beds Online, we consider the numerous advantages of faux-leather and only sell beds with this versatile material. Once you are ready to choose your leather platform bed, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.