Beds for Kids: Platform Beds, Bunk Beds, and More

We all carry fond memories of our first bed as a child. It’s something intrinsic to the human experience. Whether it was a bunk bed shared with a sibling, or a bed made to look like a racecar, those memories remind us of a simpler time.

Kids platform beds are a great choice for making a children’s bedroom more comfortable, stylish, and inviting. They are ideal for kids because they hold up over time and prevent loose items from getting lost under the bed. Platform beds save money since they don’t require additional box springs. Our children’s bed frames come in styles for boys or girls, as well as neutral. You can choose the best finishes and features to match your child’s particular taste.

Bunk beds are popular with both kids and parents. They are not only functional and space saving, but also allow children to have fun. Bunk beds can be used for sleepovers, playing games, or making forts.

Trundle beds are another way of saving space and adding functionality to a children’s bedroom. These types of beds have extra storage or extra sleeping space beneath the frame, similar to storage platform beds. This allows extra sleeping or storage space that is only used when needed.

Our wood beds for kids are selected for their high quality materials and construction methods. Investing in a quality bed is important no matter how old a person is. Be sure to make the right choice that will last and enhance quality of life for years to come.