5 Kids Rooms So Awesome, You'll Want Them for Yourself!

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As children, our first bedroom is an important milestone in life. It represents growing out of the shadow of our parents constant nurturing and claiming our own individual space. As parents, we want our children to have a safe and stimulating space to learn and grow, but we want them to have fun too. Kid’s bedroom design has grown in popularity thanks to DIY tutorials that teach parents how to create fun and exciting bedrooms for kids. Learning how to paint and decorate your home interior has never been easier thanks to easily accessible DIY blogs and YouTube videos. These 5 awesome kids rooms built by creative parents will leave you wondering, “Was it really for the kids? Or the parents?”

Mario Kart 8 Nursery

Reddit user Troymcklure spent a year and a half putting this Mario Kart 8 themed nursery for his son. The most striking feature is a silicon mold model of Mario hovering upside down on a three dimensional racetrack that spans the entire ceiling. Very impressive considering he never worked with the material before, but he says he just took his time and watched a lot of YouTube tutorials. He must be a huge fan of the franchise because there is a lot of attention to detail that only Mario Kart 8 players would appreciate. Such as the glowing racing wheels that become activated when the player goes into hover mode. A feature introduced for the first time in Mario Kart 8. Equally as impressive are the seamless murals that span three sides of the four sided bedroom. One side features Bowser and Princess Peach speeding past the finish line. Another side features Yoshi on a motorcycle racing around the Princess’ castle. The third wall features Luigi trying to catch up to Yoshi as he flies through the air in flight mode, about to land on the racetrack. The cherry on top is the baby carousel that features Lakitu, the loveable Koopa who saves players and referees races, using his signature fishing rod to hold up various tiny models of Mario Kart characters on vehicles. Troymcklure’s baby is sure to have dreams of Mario and friends dodging Red Shells and Bullet Bills.

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Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom

For Reddit user d4ddycool, the smile on his daughter’s face was all the motivation he needed to build her a Hello Kitty themed bedroom. The highlight of this girl’s bedroom remodel is the grotto underneath the bed that can be used as a space for games or for friends sleeping over. The bed on top is accessible with a step bench that matches the overall design. The walls are painted pastel pink and light blue, giving it a soft feminine look. For storage, d4ddycool built a custom closet using MDF particle board that is cheap but effective. Cute accents include a Hello Kitty lamp and a large wall decal that ties the whole design together. My favorite accents are the pink owl themed curtains and cool LED lighting.

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bedroom hello kitty girl's interior design decorate bed platform closet build ideas inspiration

hello kitty bedroom for girls interior design decorate smile happy pink decal mural wall ideas inspiration

Spiderman Treehouse

Reddit user d4ddycool dreamed of having a treehouse in his bedroom as a kid but that never materialized. Fortunately, he was able to make that dream come true for his own kid. Of course, he couldn’t build his daughter a theme bedroom without having to do one for his son. This boy’s bedroom features a treehouse style bed with a reading area, drawers for storage, and hideaway for playing games. Two separate ladders lead up to the bed/treehouse area and to the reading/play area. It is reminiscent of modular style beds for kids which incorporate several bedroom spaces into one, such as a desk, bed, and storage space. The project is Spiderman themed so the color palette includes red, blue, and black, as well as white to give it a more youthful look. He incorporated Spiderman symbols using stencils and spraypaint along the entrance and window panels of the treehouse. The final results look professionally made, leading one to believe that d4ddycool must do something like this for a living. Nope, he is an I.T. Systems Engineer that learned DIY as he went.

spiderman tree house boys interior design decorating tips advice inspiration ladder red white blue paint ideas

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Pirate Ship Themed Bedroom

This Reddit user, who goes by the handle Insanim8er, used his remodeling skills to build a pirate ship themed bedroom for his kids. There are many little accents and touches of flair that make this bedroom very eclectic but fit the theme perfectly, such as small electric candles for lighting and rope wrapped around the wooden beams. Larger accent pieces include a full sized treasure chest with gas hinges that functions as storage space. The gas hinges are a safety precaution to ensure that the lid can be easily opened. Kids get into everything after all. There is also a sunken ship themed aquarium complete with a skull and sunken ship model for the fish to swim through. One of the coolest features is a hammock that is used to store stuffed animals and toys. The centerpiece of course is the large modular style bed with a ladder that leads up to the play area / Captain’s quarters complete with a wooden door and windows with wooden covers on hinges. All of these elements come together very well and honor the theme.

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Princess Castle Bedroom

Reddit user tlml built his daughter a bedroom that many little girls dreams about, a princess castle complete with staircase and arched entryway. Even though the project takes up more than half the bedroom, it was designed with brackets and bolts in order to be taken down and stored away when outgrown. The bed sits atop the the castle ceiling and is flanked on both sides by defensive turrets. Above the archway hangs a trophy of a unicorn head. A little dark for a girl’s room but apparently his daughter liked it. Within the castle and underneath the bed, is a large space that is used for storage shelves but can also fit a mattress for when friends decide to sleep over. The staircase wraps around the corner of the room and leads up to the bed. On the opposite side of the staircase is a slide that leads from the top of the bed back down to the floor. My favorite feature has to be the turrets that double as bookcases, very good way of turning the design into a functional and practical space for a bedroom.

girls bedroom design interior castle princess bed staircase slide pink archway chandelier bookshelf ideas inspiration

girls bedroom interior design princess castle staircase chandelier bed turret pink ideas inspiration

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Platform Beds for Kids

At Platform Beds Online we carry a variety of platform beds for kids that can be incorporated into a variety of design themes. The Pele Storage Platform Bed is perfect for young soccer fans. It also comes in a bunk bed design for soccer playing siblings. The Camelot Boy’s Tent Bunk Bed has a medieval castle theme and features a slide from the top bunk to the floor. For girls, the Enchanted Ocean Girls Twin Platform Bed will turn a girl’s bedroom into an underwater wonderland. Browse our selection of kids beds now and take advantage of our great deals.

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Princess Madeleine Tent Bunk Bed

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Dinoroar Twin Platform Bed

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