Queen Platform Beds: The Most Popular Size for Comfort and Convenience

For many households, a queen bed is the standard size in the master bedroom. Queen bedding offers generous sleeping space but do not take up too much room in most average bedrooms. If you are in the market for a platform frame and are looking to upgrade the size of your twin or full-sized mattress, consider investing in a queen sized bed.

All of our bedframes are designed to fit these corresponding standard mattress sizes.

Size Chart

-- Twin platform beds fit 37"W x 74"L mattresses.
-- Twin XL frames fit 37"W x 80"L mattresses.
-- Double/Full bed sets fit 54"W x 74"L mattresses.
-- Queen bed furniture fits 60"W x 80"L mattresses.
-- California King frames fit 72"W x 84"L mattresses.
-- Standard King beds fit 76"W x 80"L mattresses (Also called Eastern King).

Because queen bedframes are so popular, most manufacturers design their beds with this size in mind. A queen sized bed can be the centerpiece of the bedroom, one that attracts the eye and makes the room inviting. Modern sleeping platforms come in many different styles. While many people prefer the traditional or classic look of sleigh beds or four-poster beds, modern and Asian design has become much more popular in recent years. A modern queen size low profile bed is a perfect way to streamline and simplify your bedroom décor (for smaller or larger spaces) while Asian queen platform beds can help add sophisticated style and a sense of calmness to any bedroom. For a more cohesive style, consider adding other furniture pieces such as nightstands, dressers, chests, mirrors, and wall décor. These items all help create a bedroom that is the perfect style for your needs.

As you’re look for queen sized platform bedframes, you’ll also want to keep in mind the functionality you’re looking for. One benefit of most platform frames is that they eliminate the need for a boxspring – a good investment and way to save you time and headache if you’ve ever tried to lug a bulky boxspring up the stairs! Often modern bed platforms will also offer storage headboards and storage drawers along the bottom to maximize the space taken up by a larger bed. Take special note of the material used to build the frame as well; queen bedframes are available in solid hardwood (which is sturdy but heavy) as well as hardwood and veneer combinations (which are durable but more lightweight), natural rattan, leather and leather/wood combinations, and other materials. With all of these options, you’re sure to find the queen size platform bed that is perfect for your room.