Double / Full Platform Beds: The Economic Choice

Need a platform bed, but don’t want to waste all your bedroom space with an enormous piece of furniture? If you’re interested in the benefits of low-profile bedding, a double/full size frame may be the right choice for you. Full or double size beds are a modest, relatively economical option for rooms that are limited in space. They provide enough sleeping space for two people, yet are small enough to fit comfortably in most small rooms. Perfect for college students, smaller guest rooms, or teenagers’ rooms, full size bedframes are the perfect combination of style and efficiency.

All of our frames are designed to fit these corresponding standard mattress sizes

Size Chart

-- Twin bedding frames fit 37"W x 74"L mattresses.
-- Twin XL bedding fits 37"W x 80"L mattresses.
-- Double/Full bedframes fit 54"W x 74"L mattresses.
-- Queen platforms fit 60"W x 80"L mattresses.
-- California King furniture sets fit 72"W x 84"L mattresses.
-- Standard King beds fit 76"W x 80"L mattresses (Also called Eastern King).

Full frames offer all the benefits of traditional platform slats, but without taking up too much space. For even extra storage, try a frame with built in pockets and drawers. This bed option features four to six roll-out drawers along the floor edge of the frame, providing you with as much storage space as a small dresser without adding any extra bulk. Double storage beds feature the same beautiful styles as larger models – whether traditional, colonial styles in wood or sleek, modern styles in rattan or leather. Regardless of your design taste, there is sure to be a full size wooden bed frame that is perfect for your needs.

Platform sleeping furniture is also a great option for frugal buyers because they are available in a wide variety of materials. Many of our bedframes feature hardwood solids with veneer tops; these designs reduce the overall weight of the bed and also provide the beauty you expect at a significantly reduced price. Your full size double frame might also end up saving you money if you’re in the market for a new mattress and box spring. The design of modern beds often provides a slatted bedframe, meaning that box springs are often unnecessary. No more dings in your walls as you attempt to carry a bulky, heavy box spring mattress up or down the stairs. Ultimately, a full platform bedroom set is the perfect choice for those who want to save space and money but still want everything platform beds have to offer.