Modern Platform Beds - King, Queen, Full, and Twin

Live the low-profile lifestyle with modern platform beds from! Sleep luxuriously in a box-spring-free bed.

While a bed made in recent times is indeed “modern”, the modern bed style is a unique look all on its own. Modern beds are instantly recognizable, as they follow certain rules. They tend to be simple. They are often low-profile. And most importantly, modern beds are designed with timelessness in mind.

These beds use minimalistic, unique designs (often taking from the European and Mid-century traditions, sometimes with an Asian influence) that stand out on their own. They do not rely on decorations, or bells and whistles, to draw attention. Instead, the bed frame itself highlights the material of the bed. Modern beds are generally made with a variety of materials such as real solid wood, metal, and upholstery. Despite being so visually appealing, contemporary beds actually tend to favor functionality over design.

Why Modern Beds?

Keeping any home decor or piece of furniture up to date and fashionable is a daunting task, especially when something else eventually outdoes and replaces new and contemporary styles. Modern beds do not have this problem, since their simplistic, functional, and urban style allows them to adapt to any future furniture trend. By choosing a contemporary bed that includes neutral elements and basic use of color, you’ll never have to worry about having an outdated bed again. Modern platform beds bring innovative charm to bedrooms, and their timeless nature will endure over the years.

If you value convenience, reliability, and efficiency over good looks alone, modern beds are your ideal choice. These beds usually have a low-rise, low-profile design in mind. This spares you the expense and inconvenience of box springs! Just lay your mattress directly on the stylish slats and literally fall into bed! Low profile beds are also safer than raised beds, as anyone who's stubbed their toe in the dark can tell you.

Another thing people tend not to think about, modern beds can help you better-organize your master bedroom clutter! Most "storage beds" fall under the category of "modern beds" as well. Storage beds let you to store things inside of the base, either with pull-out drawers or a lifting bed frame. Lifting bed frames can be popped up, just like the hood of a car, to reveal the storage space within! If you use the storage space available inside your modern bed, you will free up space in your bedroom and keep your clutter out of sight.

All this, without having to make any aesthetic sacrifices with your sleek bed frame!

A modern bed is the perfect choice for you, whether you value a timeless design, practicality, or efficiency. It's the perfect blend of form and function.

Best Modern Manufacturing Methods

Most modern beds use a variety of strong, sturdy materials in order to prioritize their efficiency and durability over their decorative appearance. However, the best material used in modern beds today is real wood. A new bed made with genuine wood will last longer and support far more weight and impact than a metal frame. Wood also looks better - it doesn't have all the bolts and glue marks that you often see in other frames. The end result is a sleek, simple look that fits well with the style of a modern bedroom. Many upholstered bed frames are also available in a modern style.

Wood adds to the timelessness of any modern bed design. The classic appeal of solid wood fits most home styles. A wood frame can come in different cuts, as well as paint styles that will complement any modern home.

Our collection of modern platform beds comes in many types of materials and styles. Certain styles would be more appropriate for the style of a bedroom. For example, a rustic platform bed frame like our Delta Platform Bed would look great in an industrial or vintage setting. Our Fifties Platform Bed is perfect for Mid-Century homes.

Pair our beds with a memory foam mattress, and you'll be on your way to your best night's sleep!

If you are ready to bring some exciting modern touches to your bedroom, contact us! We look forward to helping you choose the right bed for your room.