It's a loft bed, or it's a bunk bed... it's a desk AND it's a dresser... there are a lot of options, but the memories for your children are truly limitless! For parents and kids alike this just might be the most interesting bed you'll see here or for that matter, anywhere else at all!

This solid birch convertible loft bed features a built in 5 drawer dresser and 2 shelves on one side. If that's not enough it also includes a ladder and a 3 drawer desk on the other so your little one can have their very own place to doodle, color, or study! The ladder and desk side can switch sides with the dresser so you can customize the arrangement to fit your child's bedroom. If that's not modular enough you can even remove the upper twin bunk and turn this amazing kids loft bed into a separated individual twin bed, desk and drawer combo! All this and so much more from a 100% natural solid birch kid's bed that you can feel good about!

Included in this set are 8 natural wave knobs. The overall loft is 42.5"D, 72.5"H. The Organic Twin bed can fit under loft to turn it into a real Bunk Bed; Purchase the OrganicPlatform bed with the Organic kid's loft bed and save!

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