Memory Foam Mattresses: Your Best Night's Sleep

No platform bed set is complete without a new memory foam mattress to complement it. At we give you the option to add the memory foam mattress of your choice at prices far below retail. Whether you want a low profile memory foam mattress to compliment an Asian platform bed or a thick plush memory foam mattress to rest on top of your new canopy bed, at PlatformBedsOnline.Com we make completing your new bedroom set easy and affordable. For the best nights sleep you've ever had, combine your platform bed purchase with one of our top of the line, American made, memory foam mattresses.

Traditional inner spring mattress push back on your body the harder you push on them. Extended points like shoulders and hips will have the most force pushing back on them which slowly causes damage to these vital body parts. In fact the inner spring mattress technology is over 100 years old! Isn't it time you upgraded mattress. After all you spend 1/3 of your life in bed.

Memory foam mattresses are the only mattress designed exclusively for relieving pressure points. By molding perfectly to your bodies natural contours, your weight is distributed equally throughout. An now with SleepAid's patented heat breath ability of a traditional mattress. No other memory foam mattress maker offers more comfort than SleepAid.

Pair the perfect platform beds with the perfect memory foam mattress!