Bring bedtime stories to life and make it easier to put your kids to sleep with our friendly Dug the Dinosaur Bed Cover. This soft and lovable bed cover is designed to fit right over any twin sized bed and box spring to give your child's bed a more friendly and cuddly appeal that will quickly become your child's newest bedtime buddy. Its long dinosaur arms are fun to cuddle and ensures that your child feels safe and secure in Duggy's arms. Easy to clean and great for getting your kids to sleep on their own, you'll find Dug the Dinosaur, the cuddly bed a lifesaver!

Dimensions: 38.5" W x 75" D x 17.5" H (40" H head)

  • Fits over any twin and twin XL mattress and box spring
  • Removable arms
  • Center sheet unzips and lifts out for easy removal
  • Made from 100% washable plush hypoallergenic fabric
  • Comes with removable poly-fill stuffed pillows

38.5" W x 75" D x 17.5" H (40" H head)

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