Convertible Sofa Beds

It's difficult to decide how to maximize the functionality of a small living space with bulky furniture that serves only one purpose. Not all of us have the luxury of having an extra guest bed for those unexpected guests staying over, so it's sometimes difficult to accommodate your space to the occasional unexpected guest. With a convertible sofa bed, you can enjoy the comforts of a stylish sofa every day and any day, then convert it into a full or queen sized bed for comforts by night!

What is a convertible sofa bed? These modern sofa beds are much like the more familiar futons, but are usually equipped with a much thicker cushion for maximal comforts. Depending on what design you choose, convertible sofa beds have an adjustable mechanism that allows you to adjust the sofa bed into an upright sofa, a sofa with a reclined back, or completed folded down to a flat bed. With a modern sofa bed, you get luxury, functionality, and aesthetics all rolled into one comfortable package that can be placed in the living room, den, or even your bedroom!

These modern sofa beds come in a large range of styles and designs. Microfiber suede is softer and more comfortable, while providing a classy, timeless appeal while convertible sofas covered with leather offers a more sophisticated, modern look that fits well in a living room. Regardless of whichever style you need for your home, a convertible sofa bed is a great solution to maximizing your living space for all occasions!