Is it Wise to Put a Flat Screen TV Above a Fireplace?

Consumers always wonder whether it’s a bad idea to place a flat screen TV above the Fireplace. No matter how nice it looks, it’s never a good idea to mount a television above the fireplace for several reasons. Exposing your television to extra heat will reduce the life span of your TV and soot from wood fire stoves will create a cleaning nightmare.

Where the idea of mounting a television above the fireplace is still a mystery to me. Maybe somebody thought it would be a good idea to combine two central elements of a room together. In past times, the fireplace was the primary gathering point for family time. Before the invention of the tube television, the preferred form of entertainment was the radio. Families would gather around a warm fireplace to hear the sounds of their favorite narrated stories and shows.

TV Above Bedroom Fireplace

Why You Shouldn’t Mount a Flat Screen Above Your Mantel

Electronics operate the best at cooler temperatures and placing your flat screen above your fireplace will not help. Projection TV’s have fans inside of them for this specific reason; to keep the inside of your television from overheating. Overheating can cause malfunctions to temperature-sensitive parts. To prevent this, it’s always wise to mount your flat screen TV on a wall that will not introduce added heat. Above the fireplace or on a wall with direct sun light can be the worst areas to place a flat screen.

Have you ever looked at a fireplace, or better yet inside of the chimney. You’ll see nothing but soot and black ashes. If you don’t want this to become the new look of your thousand dollar flat screen, don’t mount it on top of your fireplace. Although fireplace units are designed to encourage smoke to go up the flue and out through the chimney spout, some smoke will inevitably escape into your home. Hot air rises so your TV will be in the prime location for a constant draft of smoke.

TV Above Fireplace

Television Viewing Angles

Last but not least, simple geometry will help understand why you wouldn’t want to put a flat screen above the fireplace. With your flat screen raised above eye level and your normal line of sight, it will place strain on your neck and back muscles. This can lead to headaches and dizziness. To prevent this problem, always mount your flat screen in direct view to keep your head and neck in a natural position.

You can still enjoy the benefits of a toasty fire without compromising picture quality and viewing pleasure. Try mounting your flat screen on a wall that will put you close to your fireplace (a safe distance of course) while allowing you the best view in the house! The layout to every home is different so this will differ on a case by case basis.

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